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Tower Players invite you along for an evening of fun in six parts at the Rose Theatre in Rugeley on April 17th and 18th April
Filthy Rich & Cat Flap
A tale of Richie Rich, a talent-less and unheard of TV personality along with
Ralph Filthy, his useless, sponging agent and Eddie Catflap, his alcoholic minder.
Between them both Filthy and Eddie continually hinder Richie's quest for TV fame and glory and constantly try to concoct new and original ways to defraud Richie and get their hands on his cash. 

Glastonbury Tales by Terry Pratchett
The tale of a friendly van driver and his colourful collection of hitch hiking passengers
who are made to sh-udder as they come close to disaster on the way to Glastonbury.

All In
Ken is a man on a mission. The motley crew of men with whom he plays in a poker
tournament have agreed to play the final in his caravan.  However, Ken has a secret
and awaits the opportune moment to reveal it!

Strong Man Act
Be prepared for your eyes to be amazed, to see a strong man act like you have never seen before.

Final Reward by Terry Pratchett
Kevin is the author of a series of best-selling books featuring Erdan the Barbarian.  After a drunken argument with his girlfriend, Kevin finishes his latest book and kills off his titular hero.  Erdan does what any self-respecting, dead Barbarian hero would do; he goes to meet his Maker and collect his Final Reward – which comes as quite a shock to Kevin the next morning….

Knight of Infamy
This spoof Victorian melodrama concerns the attempts of the villainous Sir Kit Board to force himself upon the sweet Miss Chastity Belt.  Audience participation essential!!
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